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De Facto Law

White Berman Barristers & Solicitors De Facto Lawyers Adelaide are experienced in an array of family law matters relating to de facto relationships and separation. We have in-depth working knowledge of the legislation surrounding de facto family law and have helped numerous clients with their legal matters.

Under the Family Law Act 1975, a de facto couple is one where the individuals are of either the same or opposite sex and where the relationship consisted of a couple who were living together on a genuine domestic basis. A de facto relationship is not legal if the couple are married or are related family.

White Berman De Facto Lawyers Adelaide over the years have kept abreast of all legislative changes. In 2009, legislation was established in relation to property division for de facto relationships that have broken down and separated. In 2010, the law commenced in South Australia.

Under this new legislation, White Berman De Facto Lawyers Adelaide have been assisting de facto couples access the Family Court of Australia and the Federal Magistrates Court (the Family Law Courts) on matters relating to property division, superannuation splitting and spousal maintenance . Since 1998, de facto couples, who have children, have come under federal family law legislation.

Court Order Applications & The De Facto Relationship

White Berman De Facto Lawyers Adelaide also assists with Court Orders. A Court Order can be made if the de facto couple who have separated were together for a minimum of two years (it doesn’t have to be ongoing); there is a child of the relationship; one partner made a substantial contribution to the property or as homemaker or parent; and / or, if the de facto relationship was registered where there are laws for the registration of relationships.

Applying for a Court Order: Time Restrictions

It is a stipulation that de facto financial orders must be applied for within two years of the relationship breaking down. After two years, the Court’s permission is needed to make an application.

At White Berman De Facto Lawyers Adelaide, our team of experienced family lawyers can help with all legal matters relating to the breakdown or separation of a de facto relationship, such as:

  • Separation
  • Parenting / Child Custody
  • Property Division
  • Superannuation Splitting
  • Spousal Maintenance

White Berman De Facto Lawyers Adelaide are highly experienced in all facets of de facto law and have assisted clients on all legal matters upon separation and relationship breakdown. White Berman De Facto Lawyers Adelaide understand clients and have comprehensive knowledge of this specialised area of law. To arrange a free, confidential discussion about your legal matter, please contact us today.

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