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Family Law and De Facto Law

White Berman Barristers & Solicitors understands that the breakdown of a relationship, whether de facto or marriage, can be one of the most difficult times in a person’s life. We have been practising in Family Law and De Facto Law since we first established over 37 years ago. Our family lawyers in Adelaide and Modbury have a thorough working knowledge of this specialised area of law.

At White Berman, our family lawyers are experienced in providing advice to clients about relationship breakdown and separation, domestic violence and all aspects of legal issues arising from this.

Apart from emotional and personal turmoil that comes with relationship breakdown, there are many other legal matters to contend with, such as:

  • Perhaps the parties have children – if so, what will the child maintenance and custody / access arrangements look like?
  • Does property or asset division need to occur?
  • Will spousal maintenance be applicable?
  • Are there disputes that need to be negotiated?
  • Can these issues be resolved by agreement or mediation and without having to “go to court”?
  • How can such agreements be made to be final and binding?
  • What if the parties can not reach an agreement?
  • Perhaps going to court is inevitable – if so, what is the process and what are the costs?

White Berman Barristers & Solicitors has extensive experience in dealing with all of the above and other issues.

Our experienced team of family lawyers in Adelaide and Modbury are available to help with the extensive range of Family and De Facto Law problems including those referred to above. We have dealt with complex matters and fully comprehend how difficult this time can be. Our family lawyers ensure all clients are presented with the best options to deal with all issues in a forthright, direct and understanding manner.

Our Family Lawyers provide legal and practical advice in all areas of Family Law and De Facto Law including:

We know that a one size does not fit all. Families, individuals, cases and circumstances are all different, which is why White Berman Family Lawyers in Adelaide and Modbury work to understand your position and the outcomes that best suit you. Contact us at either our Modbury or Adelaide office today to arrange a free, confidential discussion about your family law matter.

Call us today, your experienced family lawyers!