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Family Law

White Berman Barristers & Solicitors Family Lawyers Adelaide have been providing advice and assistance to clients in all legal matters relating to family law for the last 35 years.

Family law encapsulates a range of legal matters relating to relationship breakdown, family disputes and obligations. White Berman Family Law Adelaide is typically contacted for matters relating to arrangements relating to dividing the assets and finances of the relationship, childcare and support and maintenance (child and spousal).

Under the Family Law Act 1975, de facto couples now also have similar access to the Courts as married couples do in many matters when relationship breakdown occurs.

White Berman Family Law Adelaide has extensive knowledge of the Family Law Act 1975 (Cth) – the legal framework for the practicing and carrying out of family law in Australia. This, and various other legislation in Australia, impacts upon families, family relationships and those which breakdown and separate.

Applying in all Australian States and Territories, the Family Law Act 1975 came into operation in 1976 and deals with matters relating to divorce, property, maintenance and parenting orders. Over the years, White Berman Family Law Adelaide has also seen the Family Law Act amended, most recently with updates to property division for those who were in a de facto relationship.
The Family Law Act 1975 can be used by individuals who are seeking to divorce, divide property, spousal maintenance and / or order for protection. The Family Law Act saw the establishment of the Family Court of Australia – a superior court of record – that helps Australians resolve complex legal family disputes and matters.

At White Berman Family Lawyers Adelaide, we have an experienced team to help you with all matters relating to family law, including:

White Berman Family Law Firm Adelaide has extensive experience in the wide array of services that sit under the family law umbrella. Our family law specialists have helped countless clients through this difficult time and have achieved best outcomes for them. To seek advice, have a confidential discussion or to know your rights surrounding a family law matter, please contact White Berman Family Lawyers Adelaide.

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